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The Noir Vault will remain, but the new site is now at with a new name and new look and all new additions will be put at the new site. We hope to see you at the new site soon and the new site will also be featuring a new site forum for comments, questions, discussions and so on.
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Welcome to the Noir Vault where you can watch great film noir movies absolutely free with NO commercial interruptions whatsoever. Some are crime related, some dramas, some sci-fi/horror and still others light hearted comedies. It’s your choice. We even have a few classic cartoons for intermission time or for the kiddies.

The Noir vault was going to be strictly film noir movies, but as I began working I found so many other great movies that weren’t quite in the film noir category that I just couldn’t leave them out so we’ve grown!

If you have had problems pulling the site the servers come under occasional DoS attacks (Denial of service). This will NOT effect your computer. It’s on the server end by malicious idiots for whatever reasons. Hopefully the problems will soon be resolved. Keep checking in! Things have been re-categorized finally. If you find any errors just let me know at and I’ll fix them as soon as I get to them.

Occasionally you’ll get part of the site with the words “Not found”..Just refresh that page and/or browser window. The script that runs this site is faster than the database I assume, but the pages you’re looking for will reappear if you simply refresh your browser window.

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Commercial Free, Full Length, Film Noir Movies
Free of Charge. You don’t have to download ANYTHING to watch movies here as long as you have the latest version of Adobe Flash player installed. To get the latest version visit Adobe’s flash page.

You can expand any video here to full screen by clicking on the small icon located on video controls shown below circled in red. To revert click again or click the [ESC] key. Sometimes full screen will freeze the movie image in which case just repeat until you get desired results.

Because this site makes movie viewing free to you that leaves me, your host out of a source of income. Yes, I am disabled and I also care for an elderly woman and our only income source is a small social security check that barely feeds us. If you would like to help us out with any size of donation your generosity would be greatly appreciated, but not required in any way. A meal more than once per day would be nice. ;)

Just visit the Ask About Us page.

To donate to us you can use paypal or, if you prefer just drop me a line and I’ll supply you with an address. Remember though. All donations are optional and will never be a requirement to enjoy our movie web site.


If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments feel free to visit the forums soon to come, but in the meantime use any of the films comment forms or visit the Ask About Us page. Please, no spam. It will be deleted without question.

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